Our Services

Combining mainstream economics and property advice with proven expertise in socio-economic
issues, land use and strategic planning, infrastructure and development economics.

Economic Analysis

Providing strategic insights into local economies, markets and communities

Development Planning

Ensuring viable land uses, development typologies and staging

Strategic Planning

Ensuring strategic plans are market-supported and economically sustainable

Economic Development

Ensuring economic return for communities 

Infrastructure Planning and Appraisal

Assessing the business case merit, funding and prioritisation of key infrastructure

Property Valuations

Advising on property values and impacts to values at a site and precinct level

Who We Work For

Atlas is engaged by the public and private sector and is a trusted advisor on matters
of planning and development, economic and infrastucture policy.


Current Projects

Disrupting Business as Usual


The Innovation Economy – how business requirements are changing the way we think about space

Current Projects

The Building Blocks


Sydney Metro West – building capability for growth and prosperity in Western Sydney

Current Projects

Planning for Prosperity


Western City District – measuring the sufficiency of housing capacity to meet housing demand

Our Clients

Memberships and Affiliations